Getting Beyond Alpha

One year ago

One year has passed since the onset of the development of the WetWareWorks gear, software and website. There are many achievements to be proud of. An Alpha version of the software is released, multiple hardware prototypes have been designed, made and tested and two workshops (in Japan and Germany) were conducted. This are moving, but now it is time to focus the efforts on closing in on a product release.

What is keeping from getting there

Developing hardware and software is more of an art than an engineering task, it seems. Like artists, engineers are notoriously bad at planning, as it feels to them like nothing is ever finished. There is always a next step, a better version, an improvement lingering in your mind that simply has to be implemented.

Breaking the spell

Instead of focussing on what can still be improved, it is needed to flip this paradigm and focus on what has already been achieved. All the todo lists with nice-to-have features get thrown out of the window. Instead all efforts will go into getting what has already been done in shape for a product release.

Stay tuned to our blog and socials to see it unfold.