Setting up the catalog

It’s exciting to share another update with you! As shown in the previous blog the software development is well under way for our first bio-hard-software kit “Euglena Arcade”. Here you’ll see that the hardware department is making progress as well. Over the course of the past weeks we did a photoshoot of the parts you’ll need to build your own biotic games and even took a shot at making our first How To video.

Soldering is easy!

The bio-nano-info-revolution requires its revolutionairies to be trained in a wide range of skills. Making your own electronics is certainly one of these. At first it might look like a daunting task, but in the first WetWareWorks video you get to see the first steps.

Pretty much all of today’s hobby electronics starts with the use of a tiny microcomputer called Arduino. The affordable “mini” version will also be at the heart of our Biotic Game kit. It gets delivered to your doorstep without the header pins soldered to the board. So it is up to you to do the final assembly, which requires some soldering skills.

The first WetWareWorks instructional video shows how easy this is:

Listing the Biotic Game parts

Male Female Dupont Wires
Male Female Dupont Wires

The mission of WetWareWorks is to enable anyone to make their own bio-nano-info projects. To make it easy the parts you need for the experiments will be listed on our website. Keep an eye on our Parts page to follow our progress.