Workshops are interactive sessions fit for schools, maker spaces, libraries and other events. Each workshop can be adjusted towards different levels of complexity. Some are quick, others could last for days.

Please contact us in case you are interested in one of our workshops. Our aim is to empower you to conduct the workshops entirely on your own. So feel free to use, adopt and share our materials as well.

DIY Microscopy

This workshop is all about transforming an ordinary webcam into a powerful microscope.

Biotic Gaming

Euglena gracilis is a motile algae sensitive to light. This enables you to interact and play games with this fascinating microbe.

Other workshops

At WetWareWorks we have a lot of other workshops in store, uniquely combining making and science. From testing DNA to growing algae in a DIY photobioreactor. And from neuro science to growing biomaterials. Contact us to learn more.